Contixo F35 GPS Drone

Introducing Contixo F35 GPS drone, the most intelligent camera drone for beginners, recreational and professional remote pilots. If you are a big fan of flying drones with a high-tech camera that delivers clear, sharp and vivid detailed videos. Then look no further because the Contixo F35 GPS drone is the latest addition to our evergrowing camera drones section.

Contixo F35 Drone Package Contents

This drone fits in the big birds category among with popular quadcopters such as DEERC D22 GPS drone, Holy Stone HS720E GPS drone and Snaptain SP7100 GPS drone. The Contixo F35 GPS drone comes with foldable motor arms that can be folded inwards and outwards. A single battery provides up to 30 minutes of flight time. Inside the packages comes with two batteries which brings the total flight time to 60 minutes — an impressive amount of flight time for a smart camera drone like the Contixo F35 GPS quadcopter.

Contixo F35 Drone Battery

One of the main advantage that the Contixo F35 GPS drone has to offer is affordable price tag for a bang of features and performance. In fact, this drone can fly up to one mile away thanks to all-new enhanced Wi-Fi signal system. At the front of the drone is a 4K UHD camera mounted on a 2-axis self stabilizing gimbal system. It does a great job delivering stunning ultra high definition videos at 30 FPS and stills with combination of vivid, precise and sharp contrast.

Contixo F35 GPS Camera Drone

Beginners and professional remote pilots also will love the fact that the Contixo F35 GPS drone is smart enough to perform on its own. Thanks to brushless motors and high efficiency battery, these helps the drone deliver a smooth yet fun flight experience that a beginner with no prior flight experience will be able to soar right out of the box. The Contixo F35 GPS drone also have intelligent flight modes such as Gesture Mode, Waypoint Mode, Orbit Mode, Tapfly Mode, and Follow Me Mode.

Contixo F35 Drone Intelligent Flight Modes

We recommend purchasing a 128GB microSD card to go with this drone so that you can store videos and stills on it. The microSD card also can be used for future drone upgrades should you decide to go for something more premium like DJI Mini 2 or Phantom 4. Overall, the Contixo F35 GPS drone is a solid choice for beginners, recreational and professional remote pilots. Let us know if you have any questions about this drone in comment section. Happy flying and fly smart!

Contixo F35 GPS Drone
Contixo F35 GPS Drone

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