Meet the world’s most advanced and budget-friendly 4K smart camera drone. The DEERC D22 GPS drone is the latest addition to our growing list of best camera drones for beginners and professional remote pilots. If you are looking for a sturdy camera drone with long flight time, good flight range, and has multiple features to allow advanced aerial flights. Then look no further because the DEERC D22 GPS drone is the right pick.

DEERC D22 GPS Smart Camera Drone

This foldable drone comes with a built-in 4K UHD camera that uses high-performing Sony Sensor to capture an impressive level of details and vivid color. The camera also can zoom up to 5 times closer without compromising clarity of imaging quality at all. Never miss a shot with the DEERC D22 GPS drone because its camera have a wild 105° view angle lens that capture everything within the image frame.

DEERC D22 GPS Drone Camera Quality

One of the biggest advantage that the DEERC D22 GPS drone has over Holy Stone HS720E and Snaptain SP7100 GPS drone is the built-in 2-axis gimbal stabilizer and electric imaging stabilization technology. The DEERC D22 GPS drone uses the latest image stabilization technology to deliver a smooth and fluid 4K/30FPS videos with zero latency on 5GHz frequency.

DEERC D22 GPS Drone Flight Features

Being able to fly a drone long enough is important for both beginners and recreational remote pilots. Which is why this smart camera drone cones with a sturdy design and two powerful batteries that supports up to 56 minutes of flight time. The DEERC D22 GPS drone is powerful enough to resist up to wind speed level 7 for an ultimate flight experience.

DEERC D22 GPS Drone Intelligent Flight Modes

In addition to that, this camera drone comes with a number of fun, safe features. For example, the DEERC D22 GPS drone have built-in one-key start, auto return to home, take-off and landing functions that all makes it super easy to fly the foldable quadcopter. This big bird is also smart enough to perform autonomous flights such as Follow Me Mode, Orbit Mode, Waypoint Mode and Customize Flypath to make your aerial photography even more exciting.


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