Holy Stone HS700E Drone

The Holy Stone HS700E drone is the latest addition to our growing list of popular camera drones for beginners, recreational and professional pilots. If you are looking for an intelligent camera drone that can perform flights on its own as well as a number of features. This is where the Holy Stone HS700E drone comes into the play thanks to a wide array of advanced features and technology that it has to offer.

Holy Stone HS700E Drone

First of all, the Holy Stone HS700E is a big drone that fits in the category along with DEERC D22 GPS drone, Snaptain SP7100, and Holy Stone HS720E GPS drone. It is outfitted with a set of powerful brushless motors that delivers one of the best flight performance. In addition to that, a single battery provides up to 23 minutes of flight time. Inside the package comes with two batteries that brings the total flight time to 46 minutes — plenty of flight time for Holy Stone HS700E GPS drone.

Holy Stone HS700E GPS Drone

One of the main advantage that this big drone is outfitted with advanced electronic image stabilization, known as Real-time digital image stabilization. This technology aligns imaging from the videos to counteract motion, delivering a smooth video animation. It is done by utilizing the pixels outside the border to provide a buffer against the motion. With 5GHz FPV transmission, the HS700E camera drone lets you pull a fast, epic aerial shots.

Holy Stone HS700E Camera Drone

Beginners who have never flown a drone before will absolutely find joy in flying this big drone. That is because the Holy Stone HS700E drone is equipped with dual GPS navigation system. This means the drone can hover steadily without the need of input from the remote pilot. When the battery is low or the signal connection between the drone and remote controller is weak, the drone will automatically trigger smart return to home function and fly to home safely.

Holy Stone HS700E GPS Drone Review

The Holy Stone HS700E drone is a complete user-friendly quadcopter. Thanks to a multitude of features from altitude hold, headless mode, air pressure sensor, and optical flow that helps make the entire flight experience simple and fun for everyone. This is a smart camera drone with intelligent flight modes and autonomous features for everyone. Plus a stunning high-definition camera. We highly recommend purchasing Holy Stone HS700E GPS drone.

Holy Stone HS700E Drone
Holy Stone HS700E Drone

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