Snaptain SP650 Pro Drone

The Snaptain SP650 Pro drone is a budget-friendly camera drone for beginners and recreational remote pilots. Whether you are new to flying drones or an experienced remote pilot just looking for a fun little bird to fly around. The Snaptain SP650 Pro drone is a high-quality camera quadcopter that comes with a built-in 2.7K HD camera to deliver clear aerial shots and videos.

Snaptain SP650 Pro Drone Review

Unlike these entry-level camera drones such as SIMREX X900 drone and Sanrock U52 drone, the Snaptain SP650 Pro drone comes with multiple flight controls. Choose from your preferred flight control methods like remote controller, virtual stick controls, gravity mode and the all-new intelligent voice control. In addition to that, you can command this fixed-wing drone with your hands when flying it in Gesture Mode.

Snaptain SP650 Pro Camera Drone

The Snaptain SP650 Pro is a versatile drone. Which means this camera drone can do 360° aerial flips, Orbit, takeoff and landing, return to home, and even more. Combined with these flight functions, the SP650 Pro drone also have trajectory flight mode that lets you customize and create your own flight route for a spectacular flight experience.

Snaptain SP650 Pro Smart Camera Drone

Beginners and recreational remote pilots will absolutely love this drone. At the price that the Snaptain SP650 Pro drone is going for, it is super easy to learn thanks to flexible speed mode and built-in flight modes that keeps flight experience safe and fun. A single battery provides up to 12 minutes. With two batteries inside the package, that brings the total flight time to 24 minutes.

Snaptain SP650 Pro GPS Camera Drone Review

Overall, the Snaptain SP650 Pro drone is the perfect entry-level drone for everyone from kids to adults. Alternatively, you can explore our drones section to check out what are the others that we recommend. If you have any questions about the Snaptain SP650 Pro drone, let us know in the comment section below. Happy flying and fly smart!

Snaptain SP650 Pro Drone
Snaptain SP650 Pro Drone

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